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3DForEcoTech – Trojrozmerné monitorovanie lesných ekosystémov a ich lepšie porozumenie prostredníctvom pozemných technológií
Three-dimensional forest ecosystem monitoring and better understanding by terrestrial-based technologies
Program: COST
Project leader: Mgr. Rusnák Miloš, PhD.
Annotation: Forest ecosystems across the world are facing high pressures due to climate changes. In many areas, they are in a transition to adopt the changes. However, many are damaged in this process. It is crucial to make forest ecosystems more resistant to face these challenges, through resilience strengthening and close-to-nature forestry. Implementing such approaches and monitoring their progress requires accurate knowledge about forest ecosystems that rely on a forest in situ data at high spatial and temporal resolution.Novel terrestrial-based technologies will play an important part to face these challenges. Such technologies have experienced a fast development in recent years. The forests can now be observed and monitored in a very high spatial and temporal resolution that was not possible even a few years ago. Researchers and practitioners are facing a unique opportunity to deepen the understanding of forest ecosystems and to change the forestry to adopt the climate, environment and industrial changes. Various research groups across EU and beyond are testing such technologies or developing processing algorithms for precision forestry and forest ecology. But further cooperation is strongly required.3DForEcoTech project aims to establish a strong network of scientists and stakeholders (i.e. practitioners) and sensor manufacturers to synchronise the knowledge, to develop general protocols and algorithms for forest ecosystem state survey and forest functioning, and to make these novel technologies available to a broad audience. Specifically, 3DForEcoTech will develop protocols for data acquisition, processing, fusion for forest inventory and ecological applications, and will establish open-data and open-source algorithm databases.
Project web page:
Duration: 13.10.2021 – 12.10.2025
Zvýšenie kapacity infraštruktúry nákladnej dopravy na hraniciach EÚ s Ukrajinou
Increasing the capacity of freight transportation infrastructure on EU-Ukraine borders
Program: International Visegrad Fund (IVF)
Project leader: Mgr. Michniak Daniel, PhD.
Duration: 1.10.2022 – 30.4.2024
Geoturistický potenciál územia v okolí Tatier a možnosti jeho rozvoja
Geotouristic potential of Podtatrze area and the possibilities of its development
Program: International Visegrad Fund (IVF)
Project leader: Mgr. Novotný Ján, PhD.
Project web page:
Duration: 3.10.2022 – 29.3.2024
Dynamika rozširovania urbanizovaných areálov: komparatívna analýza Bratislavy a Bukurešti
Urban extension dynamics: comparative analysis of Bratislava and Bucharest
Program: Mobility
Project leader: RNDr. Kopecká Monika, PhD.
Duration: 1.1.2022 – 31.12.2023
NOWCASTSAT – Spresnenie krátkodobej predpovede slnečného žiarenia na základe geostacionárnych satelitných údajov
Enhanced solar radiation nowcasting based on geostationary satellite data
Program: European Space Agency (ESA)
Project leader: Mgr. Rusnák Miloš, PhD.
Duration: 3.1.2022 – 2.7.2023