New issue of Geographia Slovaca

Ira, V., Hanušin, J. (editors)

Geografický ústav SAV, 2017, 138 s.

The issue of the historical cultural landscape is the unifying topic of the seven contributions. Centuries of transformation left more or less visible, sometimes mutualy overlayed, layers of human activities in the landscape. The remnants of such layers in the landscape are referred to as historic (traditional) cultural landscapes. We do not see it as a petrified remnant of the past, but as a full and functional part of today’s landscape that deserves our attention and protection.
The themes of the papers concern a wide range of research on the historical cultural landscape. The introductory paper critically discusses our treating with the landscape, which is understood as a manifestation of culture in the general sense. The status of the cultural landscape in human geography is another topic. Generally oriented are contributions analyzing the legal aspects of cultural landscape protection and an overview of landscape research with an emphasis on cultural landscape conducted at the Geographical Institute of SAS. Two final papers present practical applications of cultural landscape research methodologies in the study areas of Hrušov village (Veľký Krtíš region) and the border line of Turčianska kotlina basin and Veľká Fatra National park.