Atlas of Suburbanization of Bratislava

Šveda, M., Výbošťok, J., Gurňák, D.

Institute of Geography SAS 2021, 120 s.

The Atlas of Suburbanization of Bratislava presents suburbanisation in the hinterland of Bratislava in a set of 45 topics processed in maps, graphs and supplementary text. Bratislava’s suburbanisation is one of the most dynamic processes in the modern history of Slovakia. Suburbanisation is, generally, a process of population and economic growth in the hinterland of cities. Living “outside the city” attracts an increasing number of people trying to find quality and affordable housing for residents who want to live in a family house but still be close to the city. However, the arrival of new residents to the hinterland is bringing several changes, and once quiet suburban communities are gradually becoming fast-growing ‘suburbs’. The Atlas presents this process from different perspectives and documents the transformation of Bratislava’s hinterland through various visualisations. In addition to traditional thematic maps, the Atlas presents numerous innovative spatial data visualisations.