About us

The Institute of Geography is a scientific centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences involved with research activities in several branches of geographical sciences. The mission of the Institute is to carry out basic research into spatial structures and linkages existing between the natural and socio-economic systems with special regard for the territory of Slovakia.

Research in the area of physical geography is focused on issues of structure, dynamics and anthropic transformation of the landscape, various types of relief and their functions in landscape system and a comprehensive study of landscape systems with the special stress on natural hazards.

Human and regional geography emphasizes analysis of time-spatial aspects of economic, socio-cultural and environmental phenomena, processes and structures. Integrated geographical research into the dynamics of natural and socio-economic systems in their linkages as well as assessment of man’s quality of life and (sustainable) local and regional development is pursued.

Geoinformatics is involved with application of the geographical information systems and remote sensing methods applied to the study of structure and development of landscape systems on various hierarchic levels. Results are represented on maps and partial databases applicable in the national, regional or local contexts are compiled.

Geographical research responds to the topical and geographically relevant problems of society.