A new monograph, focused on geographical aspects of poverty in Slovakia, has been published

Michálek, A. – Podolák, P. et al.

Institute of Geography SAS, 2016.

Poverty is a complicated phenomenon with many manifestations, contexts, dimensions, and aspects. One of the most important dimensions of poverty is space, which greatly influences all its important attributes: the level, depth, duration, nature, traits and other. The monograph treats the space as one of important attributes and determinants of poverty and its different quantitative and qualitative characteristics. It represents the “geographical” alternative of the economic and sociological interpretation of poverty. The necessary knowledge about poverty includes identification of poverty regions in Slovakia at the scale of the existing districts (NUTS 4), that is, on the level where there are no available official data about poverty. The obtained results rendered the picture of spatial distribution and concentration of poverty in the country. Other important attributes of poverty such as the severity, depth, nature, etc. were also disclosed in some districts. The monograph brings fresh knowledge concerning the forms of poverty and options of mitigation. Detailed analyses of poverty regions in different contexts and from different perspectives provide the relevant empirical and geographical knowledge about poverty in Slovakia. In the context of the Central European geographical research, the monograph is the first complex work focused on the spatial dimension of poverty and the relevant geographical aspects. Results may be appropriate stimuli for measures in social and spatial policies.