A monograph on settlement system of Slovakia in the late middle ages by Juraj Žudel published

Žudel, Juraj
Bratislava, Veda, 2010, 320 pp.

The intention to process the settlement of Slovakia in the late Middle Ages has been inspired by the work on the national atlas (Atlas Slovenskej socialistickej republiky published in 1980). A genetic aspect was applied to the conception of the mentioned Atlas as demonstrated by the inclusion of the themes concerning the development of the settlement and territorial organization of Slovakia since the oldest times.
The subject of this monograph is the medieval settlement of the territory within the modern boundaries of the Slovak Republic, the result of the 20th-century political developments.
The settlement is traced way back to the mid-13th century with the emphasis on details concerning the period of the culminating Middle Ages and the years 1381-1400. A considerable part of the work corresponds to the detailed characteristic of the settlement between the beginnings of the15th century until the end of the Middle Ages. Two maps – Settlement of Slovakia in 1381- 1400 and Settlement of Slovakia in 1511-1530 – supplement the monograph.