A book and DVD by Jan Feranec on changing Slovakia captured by Earth observation satellites has been published

Feranec, Ján (editor)
Veda, 2013, 74 pages. + DVD disc

The nowadays-used information technologies have dramatically improved the options for the visualisation of changes and processes ongoing in landscape. The way satellites scan Earth and its close surroundings in regular intervals offers time-series of data, which capture changes of landscape objects and their properties if any. The aim of the book and DVD Satellite’s-eye view of changing Slovakia is to use such time-series of satellite data and computer animations to represent the changes of landscape objects and their properties, as well as the deformations of Earth surface in time and space, changes in atmosphere and hydrosphere, those in cosmic energy particles and the solid components of interplanetary matter. The 51 demonstrations should show the reader the development of such changes in the particular context of Slovakia and its environs both in vertical and horizontal directions while the emphasis is laid on visual aspects of the rapid approximation to the course of changes with the precision given by the accessible satellite data. The text to each animation is short and it only encompasses the characteristics of its target, used data, identification of places and a brief explanation of changes/their causes discernible in the demonstration.