The Extended legend of The Urban Atlas was released

Szatmári, D., Kopecká, M., Feranec, J., Sviček, M.

Geografický ústav SAV, 2018, 48 p.


Extended nomenclature of Urban Atlas 2012 offers a more detailed identification of urban areas and their immediate environs as an appropriate input into the numerical MUKLIMO model used for the assessment of urban heat islands. Areas of these classes have a minimum size of 1 ha and a minimum width of linear elements of 20 m. Their identification (from satellite images) is based on the size of the sealed surface (in the scope of less than 10% to 80% and more), the height of buildings and presence of either grass or tree vegetation. Photographs shot in the territory of Bratislava demonstrate samples of individual classes.
Extended nomenclature of Urban Atlas 2012 is one of the outputs of the project of the Institute of Geography of the Slovak Academy of Sciences supported by the Agency for Support of Research and Development, Contract No. APVV-15-0136 Effect of Impermeable Soil Cover on Urban Climate in the Context of Climate Change (PEDO-CITY-KLIMA). The project is coordinated by the National Agriculture and Food Centre – Soil Science and Conservation Research Institute, Bratislava; project partners are the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Bratislava and the Institute of Geography SAS, Bratislava.